Artist Melanie Maria

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My mother and grandmothers in my lineage have cultivated my artistic passion & living dream. I am truly blessed with a bright vision. I aquired some deep insight as I was young, way before I could draw. Thoughts of  what it would be like to not be able to see daily filled my mind. One of my great grandmothers went blind before i was born. Yet she knew so much of what was happening around her by all her other sensations. I grew up very close to her. I was just about 10 years old when she past away and this experience made me very passionate about art especially colorful & tactile art. 

I have been a painter, illustrator and lover of natural beauty my whole life. All Pastels, Paintings and Drawings are the original ideas of Melanie Maria Scott acquired through meditation, studying nature, intuition, love and participating in earth-spirit medicine ceremonies.

I am a mostly self taught jewelry designer and a true descendant of the Mediterranean Islands (Cyprus, Malta & Sardinia), The Balkans, Ireland/Scotland, Gypsy & Bohemian European heritage. In 2001 I received a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts with emphasis in Design. I then established Swan Designs as my outlet in the design industry, offering colorful original artwork inspired by divine meditation. In further pursuit of peace I continued my education for a MFA in Art Therapy & Dance & Movemnet Theray which later evolved into a certification in yoga therapy and a passion for healing the body, mind & spirit.

My journey led me to move Hawaii over 13 years ago and transformed my life passions & business into Maui Swan Designs. I am now find myself obsessed with making very delicate yet durable fine quality hand crafted gemstone & glass seed bead alchemy jewelry. Every gemstone in each individual design is hand selected, cleansed with sacred waters, and empowered with healing metaphysical divine prayers and psychic intention. Personally harvested Hawaiian seeds and shells are enjoyably shared within these glamorous and tribal works inspired by native culture and people of the Hawaiian Islands. A recently explored specialty, inspired by a meditative spiritual path, is intricate glass seed bead patterns and tactile designs.

Thank you to all who support my journey and I hope to inspire yours :)

​© Copyright 2000-2020   No animals were harmed in the making

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