Flanagan Experimental T-Ray Sensor Earrings

Flanagan Experimental T-Ray Sensor Earrings

Gold Plated Sterling Silver Pat Flanagan Ruby Medalion "T-Ray Sensor" earrings. Gemstones of citrine, garnet and prehnite wire wrapped with solid 14kt gold wire.

One of his most powerful and effective inventions have been the Sensor medallions in their different iterations. Worn as a pendant on the tumo meridian and over the heart chakra, the Sensor produces a measurable effect on the human energy (chi) system which can be easily demonstrated through applied kinesiology. More to the point, most wearers feel the Sensor's effect throughout the day as a higher, but smoothly supportive energy state that brings about a state of equilibrium.

Physical strength is increased, mental clarity is enhanced and a general sense of well-being and emotional equanimity are effects commonly reported by wearers.

For those who meditate or do energy work, the Sensor III soon becomes a welcome ally in your quest. For those who engage in dream work, a Sensor III worn or placed under the pillow at night can bring about intensely lucid dreaming. I experience all these things and more as a matter of

Additionally, the Sensor may be used to charge water for drinking purposes or enhanced plant growth, energize supplements and herbs, or simply modify and improve virtually any substance by positively altering its native energy state.

Quite simply, the Sensor is a remarkable device.

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