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Artisan Jewelry Collections

Fringe Necklaces

14k gold filled fringe earrings & necklace set

Wire Wrapped Gems


Petrified Wood Body Chain.jpeg

Made To Order

Hawaii Holiday16.jpg

Argentium Sliver & Gems


Hawaiian Shells

Just a reminder to all that I will have a booth at the #Haleakaka Waldorf Holiday Faire in

Feather Alchemy

Love Bird Feather & Lapis Lazuli

Leather Alchemy

#mauiswandesigns #handsewn #beadwork #meditation soon to be released on #Etsy #etsyseller

Seed Bead Earrings

14k gold filled chain fringe seed bead earrings

14K GF Chain Fringe

Rose Gold Fringe

14k gold filled fringe earrings & necklace set
rose Gold fringe swim week model.jpg

Sterling Fringe

Hawaii Holiday13.jpg
One Of A Kind New Releases!!